Award winning cocktail bar, Michelin caliber restaurant, and internationally recognized interior design, KOR Super Lounge exists in its own unique category. KOR helps unify a body of influential people with an exclusively welcoming point of view. Helping them to be comfortably challenged, by exposing them to the fundamentals in order to fulfill their basic needs all in one place. With our 5 Pillars, Food, Drinks, Music, Fashion and people, as our foundation. KOR Shanghai is the preferred destination unlike any other.


獨具一格的Kor Super Lounge


更有著國際公認一 流的室內設計

KOR 獨有的迎賓觀點聚集了各界深具影響力的客群



我們以 五大核心:美食、酒水、音樂、時尚和人作為基礎

KOR 上海就是如此與眾不同的首選之地

Client   | theLOOP Group

Service  | Font, Packaging Design

Year  |  2020 – 2022

Creative Director  |  Thomas Chiang

Copywriter  | Hammer Wang

Graphic Designer  | Phil Yang