Motivated by the passion for traveling and nature, the client has visited half of the globe, following a map of scents. Adoring the European way of life, he visited YSL’s villa Majarelle. Because of his enthusiastic expectation to share the romantic and carefree life style with everyone, he therefore created the aromatic brand La Majorelle.



崇尚歐洲的生活態度, 流覽了YSL大師的majarelle別墅後

想把他那份浪漫, 樂活的生活方式分享給大家

於是創立了La Majorelle香芬品牌

 The enchanting spring

 The additional L forms a totem to respond to window grilles in gardens, displaying a sense of elegant vogue.



Client  |  La Majorelle

Service  |  Graphic Design

Year  |  2014

Creative Director  |  Thomas Chiang

Designer  |  Vivian Y.