Guneagal is a blended Scotch whisky Remy Martin introduced to the Chinese market in 2013. We used a wing-spreading eagle as the key image along with the slogan “You can fly higher” as our POSM to echo the brand spirit and to promote the brand at BTL channels.

Guneagal是Remy Martin於2013年引進中國市場的調和式蘇格蘭威士忌

以老鷹展翅的key visual



The Man with the Eagle

We adopted the established key image and slogan and came up with the design concept “The Man with the Eagle”. We captured the significant features of an eagle to become the design elements of the POSM.

運用品牌已設定的key Visual及slogan

我們設定「The Man with the Eagle」作為設計概念


Client  |  Remy Martin

Service  |  POSM Design

Year  |  2014

Creative Director  |  Thomas Chiang

Design Director  |  Thomas Chiang

Design Assistant  |  Steven Y.